Hiring Process

When a company is hiring, they need to ensure that they hire the right employees. There are several different steps involved in the hiring process. We at Sierra follow these steps that include application forms, Assessment and Application review, testing, interviewing, reference checks, background and drug checks and finally the Job offer and employment.

Application Process

When you apply, make sure you have details about your work authorization, work experience, references, and education as well as your contact information gathered before you apply. You will apply a job posting created by Sierra, its administrative or human resources staff, or a recruiter that alerts our current employees or the public of an immediate or future job opening within Sierra.

Assessment and Application Review

The foundation to an efficient job application review is a centralized database to manage Sierra’s recruitment efforts, which we review with a magnifying lens so that we find the right candidate for our needs. We will then separate those candidates into who will be interviewed and who will be retained on file for a period of time.

Interview Process

Local Face-to-Face or web-based interviews are held to understand the candidate who fits into our client’s needs. Interviews whether written, oral, or other tests are conducted to determine the suitability or desirability of the applicant. This process helps narrow down the selection to fewer candidates.

Job offer and Employment Process

A job offer letter is sent to the right candidate selected for employment. Background and reference checks are conducted based on our Client’s requirement. These checks are done to verify that what the candidate states on his application is actually true and verifiable.