Sierra Advantages

Below are the reasons why using Sierra will likely be the most effective option for you to achieve your professional goals.

Market expertise

Sierra knows the market niche so intimately that we can provide excellent advice. We remain focused on IT with latest trends and technologies. As a result, we are able to match up the absolute best talent with our clients.

Qualified Job Openings

With every IT job opening we receive, our recruiters work hard to meticulously uncover all of the details to ensure we know exactly what our clients are looking for. From the technologies and environment, to the company’s culture our recruiters are trained to be as thorough as possible when taking a requirement. At Sierra, we’re not just matching skill-sets, we’re matching people. Finding the right technical fit for an IT staffing position is important. However, finding the right technical person, who also fits into the company’s culture and environment, is the most important ingredient to any successful placement.

Client Contacts and Relationships

Sierra has access to North America’s top employers and has strong relationships with hiring managers. This translates into getting that critical first interview, or the ever-important “foot in the door.”

Our Employees

There are numerous placement agencies who will promise to find you that perfect IT job. However, who is truly going to work hard for you and always keep your best interests in mind? Sierra’s culture is founded upon hard work and dedication. We respond to our candidates with our utmost sense of urgency because our success is directly tied to your satisfaction.

Our Focus is You

We work hard to keep you happy. Part of the way we define our success is by how satisfied our candidates are. Our job isn’t over once you start a position. In fact, it has only just begun. We will follow up with you regularly to ensure you are happy in your new role and often meet you for coffee or lunch to ensure we maintain a long-lasting business relationship.